Industry of the Ordinary: Artist talk @ LPAP

This summer, I am part of the Longbridge Public Art Project summer school. On Thursday evenings we have artists talks and workshops, and we independently work on our personal projects the rest of the time. Our first artist talk was from Industry of The Ordinary.

Industry of the Ordinary are two Chicago based artists, Adam and Matthew. The art they showed us tended to be performative, and often there was sculptural elements to it. I think my favourite was Match of the Day. They had happened across two outfits in a fancy dress shop - Young God, and Old God, and invited people to watch them play table football. The game resulted in this amazing photo, which is often assumed to be photoshopped, when it was actually the result of no one checking the weather before setting up for the game.

Moving further into a discussion about process, we looked at a couple of performative pieces involving ice sculptures. One concept I think was relevant to us in Longbridge was the idea of art, and festivals, as a way of 'activating' new public spaces. Another idea we picked apart a bit more as a group was what makes art successful. For Industry of The Ordinary, the success lies in getting people to engage with the art, and not in the strength of the intended meaning.

It's interesting to hear from the artists who have visited Longbridge this summer, and after this talk I took away some really interesting ideas about working across different mediums out of the comfort zone of categorised practices.