Delayed: Exhibition Planning & Set-up

Delayed was my next move after The Collective Noun, so I could exhibit my entire final outcome for the collections project. This was something I wasn't sure I had it in me to do so late in the academic year, but I'm glad Tasha and Catherine supported me in the decision to go ahead. 

Hereford College of Arts Library had their exhibition space available, but I knew I couldn't fill the whole place on my own. I had a think about who else in my class I'd like to exhibit with. I thought about whose work I liked, who I hadn't worked with much yet and who would get on well together. I'm really glad I pushed myself on the second one, as I'm now two thirds of the way through my degree and I want to make sure I properly get to know everyone in my class before we leave.

I didn't want myself or Tasha to design the poster as we'd done the one for The Collective Noun, so Leah designed this one. The name Delayed was suggested by a student on a different course when I mentioned that I was planning a small exhibition to mark the end of my extended deadline, and Leah linked it with Rowan's train ticket collection on the poster.

Gaz and Leah couldn't make set-up on the Friday but Brendan was really helpful getting their work up. Rowan set hers up further down the stairwell from mine, and it was interesting to see just how much work she had to put in to get it all up. I'm glad I got to witness that because it wasn't something I'd thought about before.

I get asked why I chose the stairwell for my work quite a lot. I like the peaceful atmosphere and the lighting, and I feel that goes really well with my brief. I'd also been told no one's used that space yet, and I thought if I did it might encourage other people to, in the same way that I was encouraged to approach the library staff about exhibiting after I'd seen the exhibitions in there.