Juneau Projects: Workshop @ LPAP

Juneau Projects (Ben and Phil) created an illustrated/animated sculpture for the last Longbridge Light festival, and are in the process of producing something for the next one, The Shadow Factory, this Autumn. Their workshops at LPAP, focusing on using the laser cutter to create badges, feed into their larger project for the festival.

Our brief, as attendees of the workshop last Thursday, was to create a badge on the theme of Longbridge and The Shadow Factory.  The practicalities of this essentially boiled down to three steps:

  • Paper collage using two colours to create a design
  • Converting the collage into a digital design using vector software
  • Using the laser cutter to turn the design into a wooden badge

I'd taken my paper, scissors and glue outside and focused on the nature of Longbridge - something I'm hoping to explore further during the summer. I think it was really clever to use collage as a way to create the design, because the type of shape created when using scissors as a tool is similar to the kind of shapes you can make when using the digital point to point line drawing tool.

We used a red line to indicate a cut and a green line to indicate where the laser cutter would draw onto the badge. Although it could etch a filled shape, this takes too long in the context of what Juneau Projects want to do, so it was line only. I've had a laser cutter induction at Hereford College of Arts this year but this is the first time I've followed the whole process through from start to finish to create something for myself.

While invigilating the space today, I moved all the wood, plastic and cardboard Juneau have been using so we could change how we use different parts of the room. Hopefully I've not disrupted them too much!