Editorial Illustration Project 2 of 3: An introvert's guide to networking

Number two of three articles for our project was a networking guide in The Guardian. I quickly had four ideas I was prepared to illustrate. The potted plant was a key visual in the article, but I felt it was too early on and that I should attempt to illustrate the resolution rather than the problem, or else it would come across too negative.  That said, once we presented all our ideas to each other, a lot of people had used the potted plant and it had worked really well.

I decided to go with the business card and make life easy, while complementing Brewer's central points.

For it to obviously be a business card it had to have a name on, and I wanted the illustration to be as relatable as possible, so I chose a gender neutral name. I did find it interesting that where people had drawn characters in their illustrations, the large majority for the flooding article were male, whereas most this one were female. Where people had deviated from the discourse, they had drawn the character to match their own gender. I'm not sure this is individually anyone's fault as this was the first time we'd presented our illustrations to each other, but I think we have to be aware of this as a group.  It is a good example of how the amount of women working behind the scenes in media affects women on screen.

I enjoyed working with soft pastels, but I'm wondering if the contrasting sharp typeface is a bit off-putting.