Hereford Make

I spent this last Bank Holiday Monday afternoon visiting Hereford Make, which is a creative hub in the Whitecross area of Hereford for artists and makers. I'd heard a fair bit about the place, but it's only now I've finished my degree that I've had the time to go and visit.


It was great to see the kind of workshops and environment a lot of my friends work in. Although I've been in 3D, ceramic and glass workshops before, I'd not been in a forge. The studio space and communal area upstairs would feel familiar to most artists and designers, and I was intrigued to see that despite the boundaries between different craft and design disciplines, there's a lot of similarities in some of the ways we work.


After James Baker took me on a tour around the site, we had a long chat. Obviously I had tons of questions for him, but he also had some for me too! Last summer, I was a summer school student and volunteer invigilator at Longbridge Public Arts Project, and that autumn my case study about my experience there was published by the Association of Colleges. Between that and my student union work, I understood a lot of the challenges and aspirations Hereford Make has.


I also had the opportunity to see these great pieces of artwork during my visit! This is a good example of how the space is used to reach broad demographics of people. I'm looking forward to seeing some of my favourite blacksmiths return to the city and use these facilities to make some more amazing artwork over the next few months.