HCA Summer Show 2017

The Hereford College of Arts Summer Show is an exhibition for everyone graduating that year from the art school. The summer show means different things to each student, but to me it was one of the final steps on a long fast paced and non-stop journey through arts education, since I started my GCSEs at 14. At this point anything I was getting assessed for had already been handed in, so although it was the beginning of an extremely busy couple of months it very much felt like I was winding down.

The set up of the show was very easy from a technical point of view. Everything we had to do, most of us had done before. In second year we had set up an exhibition as a class at De Koffie Pot, and I've framed and hung a fair amount of my own work for other exhibitions. That said, it was emotionally difficult. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong for a fair few people in our group, and honestly I'm amazed that everyone got through it and felt up for exhibiting their work. 

On the opening night, both of my parents and my boyfriend attended, and I was really impressed with how eloquent students were being about their work when explaining it to my family. I had more friends and family visit on other days, and I enjoyed showing them around. I was really lucky to meet Celia Birtwell - who liked my hair, and Lucy Jones, who was made a fellow of the college at the 2017 graduation ceromony.

Over the course of the exhibition, I got a lot of interest from the general public and I completely underestimated the amount of business cards I would need! I like the way business cards give people like school children the opportunity to own a tiny bit of nicely printed and legitimately published art. We also had a pop up shop, and I sold a few postcards, stickers and other stuff, but maybe that's for another post!