Travel Journal Map Illustration Rationale

As this is my last project for my degree I really wanted to push myself. I've learnt a lot painting for the travel journal but I was worried I was going to get stuck repeating the same processes over and over throughout the module, so I decided that for at least one illustration, I was going to do something different.

The aspect of increasing urbanisation along the journey from Hinckley to Erdington is explored quite openly in chapter one, but a secondary story I wanted to tell the audience is about the geographical landscape.

I moved to Hinckley last summer, at the end of the academic year. We crashed the car. A perfect composition with the sunset in the background, the curvature of the motorway, the battery dangling out the front of the crushed bonnet, the tyres bent at 45 degree angles. I stared at it from behind the barrier for a good 40 minutes until the ambulance turned up.

3am the next morning, and we were in the taxi back to Hinckley from Cov Uni hospital. The driver took us speeding through the same junction we crashed on. Too exhausted to care, I saw the sunrise on the horizon and noticed how damn flat this part of the world was. This is why we stick to the A-Roads and take the routes we do.