Welshness Influence on Landscape Painting

Chapter two of my travel journal is set in the Black Mountains, so when Peter Wakelin came in to give a lecture on Welsh influence in landscape painting, I was well excited!

Peter used the example of Tintern Abbey to show how classical art had turned into romanticism over time. He explained that these two things existed on a spectrum, rather than being a binary either or. This made a lot of sense to and has completely changed how I think about the two art movements, and others too.

I think art theory and academic language can be really off-putting to the uninitiated, but Peter made it really accessible. It was comforting to hear that actually it can be difficult putting a label on certain pieces, and it was super interesting to hear why too.

My favourite thing from the whole presentation was the idea of "striking the emotions but delighting the eye". It sort of captures the two main aims of an illustrator, to convey a narrative but in a way that looks nice.