Travel Journal: Journey on Foot

Last November HCA Hiking Society walked from Hay on Wye to Abergavenny via Hay Bluff and the most easterly ridge of the Black Mountains.

The first chapter of my travel journal focused on a car journey that I would have been able to repeat if I needed to collect more source material. Having completed that chapter I was more confident in assessing whether I had enough to complete the narrative with.

I went back through my own photos of the hike, and the ones others had taken. Assessing them all as one I felt there were a couple of missing links, but not ones that would jepordise the whole chapter. Furthermore, they were mainly from the last few miles of the hike, which occurred in the valley leading into Abergavenny, in areas accessible by car. I would be able to go back and fill in the gaps if I had to.

When we were in first year, as part of our written module we were asked to review Frank Quitely's episode of What Do Artists Do All Day?. Frank specialises in graphic novels, and he showed the difference in the layouts of pages between stories in rural and urban areas. Urban based stories include lots of high rise buildings and vertical structures and journeys, whereas rural stories tend to be more horizontal. The shapes of the overall illustrations reflect this. I am aware of this in my own work, as I present chapter 1 - the car journey -  in a landscape format and this chapter in a portrait format.