Printmaking Short Course / Birds

My bird printmaking designs were done as part of my assisting on the print making short course at Hereford College of arts. As an assistant my role mainly meant doing a lot of technical stuff like helping students use printmaking machinery that they weren’t confident using.

Because of this I needed to be flexible throughout the evening and the designs I was making had to allow for this. Also, it seemed more helpful for my prints to be of different nature to the ones the students were creating, as they were often creating quite detailed and precise designs and I felt that with my illustration style I was in a position to show them that it was okay to play a bit and make mistakes.

For example with dry point prints, traditionally you etch into your plate, apply the ink and then wipe it off the surface. However I decided to experiment with leaving different amounts of ink on the surface, as this added variety to the different types of prints in the room during the evening. If a student asked “what happens if I don’t rub the ink off” I could show them rather than describing it to them.

The effect these dry point prints have, where there is a line illustration on top of colour that has a tonal range, influenced my work later on in the module, particularly my library brochure wraparound, and arguably my three designs for the Adobe brief.