Library Festival Brochure Wraparound Competition

As a winner of the library card competition last year, I found I interacted with the other winning designs more so than if I hadn’t of won. This meant that when this year’s competition rolled around, the starting point was exactly the same as last year.

Last year my design had been influenced by one of the current library card designs that year. For this project, Miranda Smith's design for last year's brochure has definitely influenced my own work. I liked the way Miranda’s design had depth of landscape, but made use of the emptier space in the sky. I felt like this concept of flying in a way that she presented, in a way that would not exist in real life, freed the illustration from the static confines of the box it was in.

At the northern edge of Hereford there is park called Aylestone Hill Park. From here you can watch the sunrise over the countryside and the sunset over the city. My work for the Hereford city of culture bid has had me thinking a lot our regional identity and I feel that the juxtaposition of rural life in town life reflects this.

Another aspect of my design is the border to the top and the bottom of it. This reflects the stonework on Hereford library which will be reopening this January. Not only is this historically significant, but the reopening of the building is important culturally to the town of Hereford. I also wanted to draw attention to something that most of the general public won’t notice various most of the librarians do and appreciate.