Ciara Cagney / Designer Maker

Ciara Cagney is a first year CDC student. She wanted some illustrations that she could use when she is ready to create a professional persona for herself – for example, as icons/logos online or on business cards. The brief was an odd one – not only was it vague, but it was intentionally vague, in the sense that the illustrations had to be vague in order to not become quickly redundant as her creative practice and professional persona develops.

As a personal friend of Ciara’s, I was in a good position, as I could reflects aspects of her as a person rather than rely on thelimited information I have about her practice. Ciara’s quite a solid person – she seems to know who she is, and what her personal values are, and is able to both defend and develop these over time. Although I understand that’s someone’s personal values went always be the same as a professional values, it is extremely difficult to completely divorce an artist from their work, so I felt comfortable reflecting these subjective aspects through my use of bold colours across a coherent pallet.

I did a photoshoot of Ciara’s workspace, and the shapes she had been making were really fun to convert into illustrations. I did a small version, both for my own sake to experiment and also so I could show her my trail of thought, and went on to produce three final illustrations.