LPAP: Where I'm At

The last couple of weeks have been really hectic. My planned hiatus from the LPAP summer school has been pushed back thanks the antics of the Passport Office. While things have been on hold, it occurred to me that I've said a lot about what other artists are up to but I've been near silent about my own work. I'm keeping some projects quiet on purpose, but it's a good time to touch base on what I want to do in Longbridge.

I was really intrigued by Sarah Silverwood's work, Longbridge Mass Observation, and after looking at a project proposal I submitted to somewhere else for September (one of them things that I'm not going to tell you about for now) I decided LMO was relevant to my work in the medium term after I finish the summer school. By linking the summer school with this later project, which in itself will link into my research dissertation, I will be able to strengthen all of them.

After my success with sign writing in the space, and with the above taken into consideration, I have decided to pursue a typography project, using quotes from the LMO archive.

There's important ethical considerations to think about while I develop the specifics of my project brief. A lot of the contributors were teenagers and school children, and I know that personally, I would not have been comfortable as a child had I contributed to the archive and an artist had put a spotlight on specifically my contribution, depending on the context of what I'd submitted. I wouldn't have liked the attention and I would have felt like I'd been stolen from. I have been developing my core values as part my long term business planning recently, and causing people to mis-trust artists directly goes against them.

I think I'd prefer to take stuff out the archive than to do original research myself, not because I don't enjoy research, but because I have to priortise and make effective use of my time at LPAP. I'm not one for covering old ground unnecessarily, and I'd prefer to use my illustration to promote the whole archive, which provides a more accurate overview of Longbridge than I could on my own.

I'm hoping to be back in Longbridge by the 10th/11th August, and plan on having a defined brief by then. It's 4:29am on Saturday morning, and I'm finally ready to head to the airport and go visit my family. See you soon guys!