The Collective Noun: Manning The Exhibition

My shift was the penultimate in the exhibition.  I had a morning shift so I had the task of making sure all the lights were turned on. This took me a good ten minutes fiddling about with a switch and a dial in the main room. Lucie had told the group where the light switch for outside was, but it still took the joint effort of myself and a member of staff at De Koffie pot to pool together our information about the light switch and find it. I'm not a morning person.

I settled down with a mocha, and contemplated my next move. I was still half asleep.

It took a good half an hour for me to realise someone's work had fallen down. It's not a massive room, I'd seen the empty space on the wall and the illustration that had slid to the floor every time I looked up. I'm the female art student version of that bloke in Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy when the demolition trucks were outside his house.  

I let the student know that it had fallen down and I'd put it back up, sent them a photo and checked another student's work was still sound on their request. We spoke on the phone and they came up to fix it themselves. I also took the last lot of paper out of Sarah's desk. I'm pretty impressed with how precise she was estimating the amount she needed!

As a kid, I always felt awkward when I was in a small shop on my own and the shop-keepers would ask if I needed help and watch my every move. I didn't want to make any visitors feel like that. So I'd brought a book along.

Some of the first year crafts students came to visit the space. They are having an exhibition at De Koffie Pot soon, so I talked them through how we'd hung our work and how I'd seen other, more 3D groups of artists, use the space effectively. I also spoke to the woman leading the yoga class next door and she sent people in our direction. I tried to make sure everyone left with a summer show flyer, and I got through to 1pm with a lot less angst than I thought I would have.