The Collections Project

This week we had our first meeting to organise our exhibition for our Developing Practice module. There's about 18 of us doing the module, and it was nice to go from us all individually wondering about how we were going to sort this out to actually sorting it out.

18 people can sound like a big number, but I know it's not. I was part of a large group project at Bournville College where about 30 of us across two classes had to work on the same website. Although there was some friction when it came to the last minute rush of trying to get it all together, the whole thing was managed really well, and I was happy with the results. It's extremely easy to get over the strain on personal friendships caused by these things when they go well. So where my friends outside of the illustration department look aghast when I tell them there's 18 of us working on this exhibition, I know we can do it.

Lots of things were discussed at our meeting (and I'm sure you can read about some of the others on my classmate's blogs) but the big one for me personally was that I'll be working with Tasha to coordinate getting a poster out.

There have been a couple of key ideas about the poster, and at the moment we are working on collecting illustrations from everyone's developmental work to put in a mosaic. I think even if the class decide we should do something different, it'll be useful to have that catalogue of relevant imagery for our blogs and other aspects of the exhibition management. Part of my job as events and activities officer with the student union is getting used to this type of small dead end and one of the easiest ways to deal with them is make sure the work that was put in isn't wasted.

Hopefully we'll have a name for the exhibition soon, along with the dates of the private view etc. We all forgot to take photos of the meeting so you'll have to make do with a sketch of some of the people who were there I did down the pub in first year.