Should We Have Stayed At Home?

Should We Have Stayed At Home was a one night art event at Café Miro that I displayed a piece of illustration at. Recently I've found I've been working with fine artists quite a lot. I think my work visually fits in with the work of fine artists who paint, but a quick look behind the scenes shows a slightly different picture.

One thing I find quite challenging is writing artist statements about my work. A value I tend to hold is that my work should speak for itself. Although I often have strong academic and moral motives for the decisions I make when illustrating, I don't outwardly acknowledge them. I think I begin to get uncomfortable when the conversation is about me and what my intended meanings were rather than my work and what its impact on its real life audience. My statement was a lot shorter than some of the others at this exhibition, but (and I think this may be down to some clever decision making by Becky Sumpter in the presentation of the statements) it didn't look out of place.

Another thing I forgot to take into account is the size the other artists would be working at and the effect this would have on my work. On my course, we all seem to work on a fairly small scale, whereas a lot of the fine artists exhibited quite large installations. Luckily people tended to wonder around the exhibition a few times throughout the night, and it tended to be on these closer views that my work was noticed.

What I really liked about the night was that it was exactly the kind of thing I hoped for when I decided I wanted to study in Hereford. The whole things was really relaxed, I got to hang out with my mates, meet some new people, listen to some good music, have a look at some art and, to answer the question, I'm really glad I didn't stay at home. Becky did really well in managing this and I hope she puts some of her other plans into action soon!