The Collective Noun: Final Set-Up

On Wednesday 25th May, we set-up our exhibition at De Koffie Pot, Hereford.

Our tutor had told us throughout the project not to decide where everyone's work was going until it was all finished and in the venue. I'm really glad we did this because we definitely have a stronger exhibition for it. Max, James and Sarah all had big pieces that complimented each other really well due to their shape, and I doubt we'd have put them together had we planned the layout out on paper weeks ago.

I had mounted my work on foam board on Monday, but on Wednesday we decided it didn't look as good as it could. The one phrase that stuck with me from Wednesday was "there's still time", and there was still time for me to go, reprint on card rather than glossy paper, and frame it. It's deadline week at Hereford, but the bulk of classes handed in work on the Tuesday, so I was able to get on a computer and use the Xerox even if the IT technician wasn't able to let me use one of the other printers on such short notice.

I wasn't able to convince anyone to give me a lift back down to De Koffie Pot, and increasingly aware of my 2:30 student union meeting, I walked down. We had attached the clips and wires to the frame and were getting ready to attach it to the hanging system on the wall when I had to leave. I trust the group to treat my work with the same respect they would their own. I'd helped other students in the morning so I didn't feel that by leaving, I wasn't pulling my weight.

I felt like within the class, there had been a fair bit of worry about whose work would end up outside the room. I'd said early on that I was happy to fit around everyone else - I've been in a fair few exhibitions this year and even had one all to myself! I'm planning on having another one very soon, so keep an eye out for more information!