The Collective Noun: Mounting My Work

We very quickly went from counting the weeks to the exhibition, to counting the days, and now we're counting the hours. Today was the final day we had in the studio to get our work sorted for transportation to De Koffie Pot on Wednesday morning.

I hit a problem last week when I discovered that my piece looked ridiculously small on its own. This was an issue at Should We Have Stayed At Home, where I hadn't taken into account how big everyone else's work would be until I was on site. Luckily, I had a good five day warning this time around, and I had enough time to get a second illustration done over the weekend.

I got back into the studio this morning to discover two things. I didn't actually like the second painting I'd done, but I'd changed my mind about how the first painting looked on a large scale. I was worried I'd change my mind again, so I mounted the first painting at A4 size, and mounted the two paintings at debit card size separately, just in case.

My work was still small enough (A4) that I could use the scrap foam board in the studio. I'm the kind of person to store all my scrap pieces of paper to re-use, and then can never find them when I actually want to use them, so I got a bit of satisfaction from that. I'm worried I've forgotten to do something important, but I guess I won't find out now until Wednesday!

The one thing I'm nervous about with the exhibition is that I will be exhibiting an unfinished project alongside everyone else's finished work. I get compensatory measures this semester because I got so ill, and this means I am expected to hand in my project four weeks after everyone else, whose deadline is the exhibition. I'm a bit self conscious of the fact that people viewing the exhibition are judging the work as they see it in the present, but it's something I came to terms with quite early on.

The Collective Noun will run from Thursday 26 May - Wednesday 1st June, at De Koffie Pot, Hereford. More information here.