Memories / ID Emerging Female Artists

Memories was my exhibition at The Courtyard, Hereford, back in the Easter holidays. Even though I'd applied for ID: Emerging Female Artists, it still came as a shock to me that I'd been given this opportunity. It has definitely contributed towards my confidence in applying for commissions, exhibitions and jobs since then, and the invaluable advice I was given by the other artists I met there (particularly Frances Kay) I've moved forward a fair bit from where I was at the beginning of this semester.

Despite the panic about the workload, everything went fairly smoothly in the run up to the exhibition. The main causes of anxiety were sourcing the right sized canvas boards (which in the end proved impossible, but I worked around it), and the inevitable IT issues trying to print an artist statement last minute on Friday.

The opening night was super exciting, with performance art, acrobatics, dancers and acoustic music. It was really nice to sit down with Amelia, who'd I'd been chatting with while we were both setting up, and appreciate the work of everyone we'd been surrounded by all day. It was interesting to see what themes people had taken and ran with when creating their work. I'd gone with the identity of Hereford, and how we connect with each other over our communal and yet individual viewings of sunsets.

Due to the timing of the event, most of my friends had gone home for Easter, and I knew I'd have to take the exhibition down before they got back. So you can imagine my excitement when I got an email to extend the exhibition for ten days! It was a massive confidence boost, and meant that some of my friends made it to the exhibition when they got back for the beginning of the new term. It's really important to surround yourself with supportive people, and it without my friends I wouldn't have sent my application to Emerging Artists to begin with.