Adobe Creative Brief / Life Lessons

"you can know where a particle is at a particular time, or how fast it is travelling between two points, but not both"

This was a metaphor for the problem I faced with the adobe brief: How do I show life lessons, that are so often about gaining knowledge or a shift of ideas, in a static image?

I honed in on this idea of movement pretty quickly, figuring that understanding how we portray it in illustration (not animation) would probably be key to solving the creative problem I had with this brief. Parallel to this problem, was deciding what 'life lessons' to portray - and seeing as I was already focusing on movement, I used this as my start point.

move forward β€’ move apart β€’ move on

As everyone who's had the misfortune of consistently spending extended amounts of time with me knows, nothing could be this simple. One aspect of my creative practice that I'm learning to accept is that I pull contradictory ideas together and make them work alongside each other.

Here, the contradiction lies between the meanings at the site of production and the meanings at the site of audiencing.  Obviously these life lessons are personal to me, and so I can put personal energy into these illustrations (I hope!), but they are relevant and non-specific enough for everyone to relate to them. I often shy away from making work about personal subject matter because people read way too much into things as it is, and I think that even as an artist, I have a right to boundaries and privacy. I'm enjoying re-exploring how these boundaries can work best for me in this project.