Holcomb - In Cold Blood Book Cover Design 3

The juxtaposition of a life of travel around the USA vs the settled down community of Holcomb found its way into my illustration as a solution to a design problem. The vast amount of miles covered by Dick and Perry, both in the immediate time around the murder and throughout their lives, somewhat structures the book.  That said, there are some clear key points: the Clutters' house, Holcomb and Garden City, that form the core of the plot. The Clutters' home, which is arguably most important, had already featured in two of my designs.

When researching Holcomb, an image that was quite prominent was the sign on entry to the village.  Often, a photograph of this sign would include the railroads, that featured in Capote's description of the place. These images struck a chord with me as they referenced both The Clutters' and Dick & Perry's lives - so different, and only in direct contact for a short period of time. 

For this cover, I tried to match the font with the one on the sign. I like the contemporising effect hand tracing from a computer font has, so that is my plans for this one. I plan on keeping the lettering separate to the design and digitally merging them, but I will complete the rest of the illustration onto the original.