Wye Valley Yoga / Print Workshops

This semester I'm assisting on the print making short course at Folly Lane. My role includes a range of things - preparing inks, offering advice, finding equipment, making sure things are being used safely and correctly. In the gaps between all this I join in with the printing, and on two of the evenings I focused on yoga poses.

On my first evening, we were making collographs. This was before we'd had the yoga brief formally introduced on the illustration course, but I picked out a couple of key words from the information we already had, and experimented with them. At this point, I felt like monochrome was important, so all of my collographs  were black.

I wasn't very happy with my prints from the evening as although a lot of the plates had looked interesting, the final outcomes were a lot different. I felt that they were too abstract and aggressive, and because I'd been so experimental and out of my comfort zone throughout the process, the final results were too unpredictable.

A couple weeks later on in the brief, once I had source photos and was a lot clearer with myself regarding what I wanted to produce, I used the monoprinting evening to do some more illustrations. I really liked how they came out - although they weren't instructional, I felt that they were a lot more subtle than the colographs and more in line with the aesthetic of Iyengar yoga.