Wye Valley Yoga / Final Outcomes

Once I had the source photos of Corri and Pete, I was keen to throw myself into the main project. That said, I made sure I set aside time to life draw at the advanced class (an opportunity I'd have struggled to turn down) and took part in the beginners class myself.

I immediately started pencil drawings (my pencil of choice being 4B), and then drew with a 0.4 nib pen. I thought neither style was developed enough, and so I stuck with pencil as it's easier to edit, as it were. I knew my first few drawings were off, but at this point of the project I had to leave my sketchbook for a day or so in order to be able to see what the problems were.

Very quickly this became an almost immediate process. You can see in my sketchbook that the first few poses had several sketches of development, whereas the later ones would have one sketch/painting.  The painting also developed in stages. As far as I can remember, this is my first time using gouache for anything serious.

I painted block colours of light grey and dark grey - light grey for the skin, dark grey on the clothes. I then painted over this to add depth in other shades. This provided the right balance of consistency vs. variation. I'm really happy with the way they came out.