Wye Valley Yoga / Iyengar Sketches

Corri and Pete of Wye Valley Yoga came in to introduce the yoga illustrations brief. I've been very lucky in the clients I've had so far and the people I've worked with in the industry, and it makes a world of difference to be surrounded by supportive people.

In the space between finding out about the brief and getting source photos of them both, I did research into yoga illustrations and sketched Iyengar himself. I'm glad I used the time to do that because it meant I could throw myself into the main brief once we had the photos. I found that a lot of yoga illustrations are used as diagrams, but some of these don't have enough details (often because they're accompanied by written instructions) or too much detail, which detracts from the narrative. I slowly refined my drawings of Iyengar based on the conclusions I drew from my research.