Editorial Illustration project 3 of 3: Citizen Kubrick

My third illustration, for a Guardian article on Stanley Kubrick, was the least successful. This was an article full of interesting references, but most of them went over my head. The only Kubrick films I have watched are 2001: Space Odyssey, The Shining and Clockwork Orange, and I didn't have time before the group tutorial to watch the others!

A big difference between this article and the other two is that it was about a specific person, in a specific building, and those boxes he collected were real. It is important to me that my illustration is accurate, but there's only so much you can do in 24 hours. This meant I was a lot less confident from the beginning, and I think I ruled out too many ideas that would've worked well with hindsight.

I tried to show the discord between a massive research archive and a home. Cross-stitch was hell, a lot slower than the stitch I'd used in my other editorial illustration, and I realised I wasn't going to have the time to embellish it in the way I wanted to. I scanned it in, changing the hue to a colour that reminded me of Space Odyssey, and decided to call it a day.