Something In The Wood-Shed

Something In The Wood-Shed was a small photography exhibition at the Courtyard, Hereford, during early 2015.  Even though photography is not what I'm studying, it was a massive boost to my confidence to see my work exhibited in public.

I find photography to be a good art form to complement my illustration work.  I had owned a couple of cameras as a teenager, which I'd used for selfies, photographs of my family and that time the Pope visited Birmingham, but I'd never had an excuse to express myself through the medium of photography, despite how much I wanted to. My first year BTEC photography work was fairly poor, but I spent the time understanding how to use manual setting on a camera and having a closer look at other people's photography in order to decide what I wanted to achieve. The following Christmas (2012) I did my first round of landscape photography in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. Everything was flooded, it was beautiful, and I did my best to capture it:

I continued to improve my skills and use photography to capture imagery in a way illustration can't. My photography gained more traction on Tumblr than my other art did. It also meant I had a large amount of reference material for illustrations, giving my work a more personal edge than it had before.

Apart from putting it on the internet, I'd never exhibited my photography or expected anyone outside a few friends and family to take it seriously. This was until Abby Ford pointed me in the direction of the Something In The Wood-Shed, and I decided to submit my work. I knew I had the perfect photographs already, and chose these two on account of the narrative the strong link between them creates.